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Holley Truck Avenger Carburetor 670cfm

Price: $648.99
Item Number: 0-90670
Manufacturer: Holley
Manufacturer Part No: 0-90670
  • 670cfm

    The Holley Truck Avenger carburetor's unique metering block prevents fuel spilling through the boosters at extreme angles, allowing for 40o climbs, 30o side-hill maneuvers, and nose-down descents. This design also helps avoid hesitation, stalling, and the flooding typically associated with carburetors in off-road applications. In addition, high vacuum signal annular boosters offer incredible low to mid-range throttle response.

  • 470cfm: 4 cylinder, V or in-line 6 cylinder, and small displacement engines up to 334ci
  • 670cfm: small block engines (350-400ci)
  • 770cfm: small and big block engines (400+ ci)

    Shared Specifications
  • Exclusive one-piece, off-road vent tube
  • Adjustable vacuum secondary to tune for acceleration upgrade or fuel economy
  • Single-feed fuel inlet
  • Built-in fuel inlet filter and viton transfer tube seals ensure leak-free operation
  • 4th generation power valve
  • HVS annular boosters
  • Electric choke
  • Four vacuum ports for easy accessory connection
  • Adjustable spring-loaded needle and seats for stable fuel levels under all conditions
  • Square fuel bowls with side-hung floats
  • Clear sight plugs for easy float setting
  • Dichromate finish

    Spec Variations
  • Offered in 470, 670, or 770 cfm
  • Horsepower rating of up to 400 or 400+ for 510-0-90770 only.
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