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Holley In-Line Electric Fuel Pumps - Universal In-Line Fuel Pump

Price: $223.99
Item Number: 12-927
Manufacturer: Holley
Manufacturer Part No: 12-927
  • 60 gph @ 15 psi/43 gph @ 45 psi
  • 255 pph @ 15 psi/180 pph @ 45 psi
  • 3.5 amps @ 15 psi/8 amps @45 psi
  • Supports TBI up to 400 HP

    These universal pumps are intended for fuel injection applications and can be used with throttle body, multipoint, and forced induction. In-line (not in-tank) design makes installation easy. Rated for continuous service, pumps have been tested up to 2500 hours and should be mounted below tank's fuel level for a good gravity feed on the inlet side. Mounting clamps, 3/8" barbed fittings, rubber isolator, and electrical hardware included.
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