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Holley Carburetor Rebuild Kits - For various 4150 and 4160 carbs

Price: $52.99
Item Number: 37-485
Manufacturer: Holley
Manufacturer Part No: 37-485
Rebuilding your Holley carb? With three base kits in numerous variations, you're bound to find the correct one for your application.

Trick Kit

For complete rebuilds of Holley vacuum secondary and double pumper carbs, this single kit services them all. In addition to the basics, extra parts (accelerator pump discharge nozzles, accelerator pump cams, vacuum secondary springs, and extra gaskets) are included for performance tuning. A diagram with an exploded view of the carb, step-by-step instructions, and detailed tuning guide are provided.

Fast Kits

There are five Fast Kits to service Holley performance carbs. Like the Trick Kit, only quality Holley parts are used, and step-by-step instructions and a detailed tuning guide are provided. Here are the part numbers and corresponding carburetor models:

  • 510-37-1542 Model 4160
  • 510-37-1543 Model 2300
  • 510-37-1544 Model 4150
  • 510-37-1546 Model 4150 HP
  • 510-37-1547 Model 4500

    Renew Kits

    Purchase a Holley Renew KitR next time a carburetor rebuild is due and you'll be assured of using only genuine Holley factory service parts. This really is the only sure way of knowing that your Holley carburetor will be brought back to original specifications and "like new" condition. The Renew KitR package includes new gaskets, O-rings, pump diaphragm(s), needle and seat(s), power valve(s), and a detailed instruction sheet to take you step-by-step through the rebuilding process. All the parts and information necessary for a professional rebuild are included. Leave the "guessing" to others. Be assured with Holley brand Renew Kits.
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