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Holley 4150 Street HP Carburetor 750 cfm

Price: $675.99
Item Number: 0-82751
Manufacturer: Holley
Manufacturer Part No: 0-82751
  • 750 cfm
  • "Double Pumper" Mechanical Secondaries

    The Street HP uses the best features from Holley's race Bred 4150 HP carbs, but tamed for street and light competition use. The contoured main body from the 4150 HP has a tumble polished shiny finish. The metering system includes a timed spark port for a vacuum advance distributor and is calibrated for a hot street/strip engine setup for outstanding throttle response and drivability. A street HP base plate is used so there are plenty of vacuum ports for power brakes, PCV, etc. Best Value in a Dual Purpose Street and Light Competition Carburetor; Model 4150 Street HP; Mechanical Secondary Double Pumper; Contoured Main Body; No Choke;
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