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Flowmaster Street Mufflers - 50 Series Performance, 5'' x 10'' Case (524553)

Price: $158.99
Item Number: 524553
Manufacturer: Flowmaster
Manufacturer Part No: 524553
  • In/Out: 2-1/4''/3''
  • Body: 17''
  • Chambers: 3

    While all Flowmaster mufflers produce more power than original equipment, they also produce exhaust tones unique to Flowmaster. What's become known as the ''Flowmaster Sound'' should realy be plural, because there are many different Flowmaster sounds. From a deep, aggressive tone to a quiet, subtle but unmistakably Flowmaster tone.

    30 Series
  • Deep powerful sound
  • Moderate interior resonance
  • Race muffler for classes with stringent decibel level requirements

    40 Series
  • The original Flowmaster sound
  • Powerful aggressive tone
  • Noticeable interior resonance varies with RPM

    50 Series
  • Mellow deep sound
  • Quieter than 40 Series
  • Mild interior resonance

    70 Series
  • Mellow street sound
  • The quietest Flowmaster
  • Lowest level of interior sound and resonance.
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