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Flowmaster Replacement Mufflers - 1986-99 Camaro/Firebird (43083)

Price: $143.99
Item Number: 43083
Manufacturer: Flowmaster
Manufacturer Part No: 43083
40 Series

  • The most aggressive-sounding street and strip muffler in the Flowmaster product line. The Flowmaster 40 Series generates a powerful, aggressive sound outside the vehicle. If you are looking for the traditional ''Flowmaster sound,'' the 40 Series offers more of it than any other muffler. The 40 Series generates interior resonance within the vehicle as well, so if you want to really hear your exhaust system inside the vehicle as well as outside it, the 40 Series is for you.

    50 Series

  • The Flowmaster 50 Series offers a mellow, deep sound in most applications. It is quieter than the 40 Series mufflers outside the vehicle, and is significantly quieter inside the vehicle through the use of a special Resonant Tuning Chamber within the muffler. The 50 Series provides performance comparable to the 40 Series.

    80 Series

  • Specially designed for applications where the muffler must be mounted transversely behind the rear axle, either to match an OE system or for increased ground clearance, the 80 Series is a true crossflow with single or dual inlet/dual outlet configurations. The 80 Series produces an aggressive muscle car sound.

    Super 40 Series

  • The Flowmaster Super 40 is our latest development utilizing ''Gen II Delta Flow'' technology. This gets you the best of both worlds of Sound and Performance. The Super 40 has that''deep powerful'' sound of the original 40 series but with all the benefits of performance and low interior resonance from the''Delta Flow technology.''
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