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Ultimate LS Kit for LS1/LS2/LS6 -750 HP Fuel Injection System

Ultimate LS Kit for LS1/LS2/LS6 -750 HP Fuel Injection System
Ultimate LS Kit for LS1/LS2/LS6 -750 HP Fuel Injection SystemUltimate LS Kit for LS1/LS2/LS6 -750 HP Fuel Injection System
Price: $1,884.99
Item Number: 70003
Manufacturer: FiTech
Manufacturer Part No: 70003
Complete Self Tuning Induction Systems for LS engines designed for the do-it-yourself Hot Rodder to the professional EFI tuner! This system is ready to go with everything needed to complete the induction system of your LS engine and get you on the road easily and faster than any system on the market today. Forget sourcing mismatched parts and cutting and splicing old harnesses and re-flashed ECU’s from “Craigs List” tuners. FiTech’s Ultimate EFI is a complete Kit. Suitable for that junkyard 5.3 to a stroker 427, we have you covered! Check out the list of features inside this brochure and you will wonder why it’s never been so simple to ditch that old factory hardware or top off that fresh long block. We have taken the work out of getting your new or pull-out LS up and running in a flash. That’s why we call this kit the ULTIMATE EFI.


  • Low profile- 92mm or 102MM* inlet, aluminum fabricated intake with 1500-6500 rpm power-band, 3mm construction tig welded, black anodized with embossed Fitech logo. CNC machined with O-ring gaskets and all hardware included.
  • Hi Flow Cable operated 92MM or 102MM* Throttle Body. Parabolic inlet machining for smooth throttle transitions same as OE. Throttle Body features progressive linkage pulley with double return spring and adjustable stop.
  • Self learning ECU with Touch Screen controller for easy setup and configuration.
  • Windshield Mount for control.
  • Sequential fuel and spark control with individual cylinder trim.
  • Bosch wide band controlled (Self learning).
  • Stainless Oxygen Sensor bung (clamp or weld on).
  • 24X and 58X crank and cam compatible.
  • Two programmable fan control outputs – 1 BAR MAP Sensor – TPS – IAC Sensor.
  • Tach Output Driver for most tachometers (5V).
  • Speedometer Output Driver for most speedometers.
  • Compatible with car and truck coils.
  • On the fly programmable target AFR and Timing (if desired).
  • 36 or 55* lb. flow-matched injectors.
  • Fuel pump relay output.
  • Custom wire harness (uses factory coil pack sub harness).
  • Programmable Color touch screen Hand Held Controller with data log features.
  • Windshield mount for touch screen Controller.
  • Custom cam friendly.
  • Knock Sensor Control.*
  • Dual Bosch Wide Band with dual trim control (Self Learning).*
  • 3 BAR MAP Sensor – Automatically detects up to 30 PSI boost.*
  • Available Transmission Control feature is suitable for 4L60, 4L65, 4L70, or 4L80 G.M. transmissions.

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