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Edelbrock Performer EPS Intake Manifolds (EDELBROCK-2701)

Price: $189.99
Item Number: EDELBROCK-2701
Manufacturer: Edelbrock
Manufacturer Part No: EDELBROCK-2701
For 1955-86 SB-Chevy engines, the new Edelbrock Performer EPS Intake Manifold is optimized for superior performance with square bore carburetors. An all-new runner design is "tuned" for peak torque around 3500 RPM on a 350 engine, making it ideal for power from off-idle to 5500 RPM. Dyno tests revealed horsepower and torque gains across the entire RPM range compared to existing designs. Match up an EPS intake manifold with a dependable Edelbrock Performer carb for maximum performance gains.
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