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MSD Pro-Billet LT1 Distributor - 1994-97 engines (83811)

Price: $704.99
Item Number: 83811
Manufacturer: MSD
Manufacturer Part No: 83811
  • Advanced optical encoder for accuracy and reliability
  • Ability to adjust timing +/-5
  • Improved housing with extra bolt to eliminate leaks
  • Fresh-air vent sealed to keep out the elements
  • Large ball bearing stabilizes timing through 10,000 RPM
  • Rotor drive design is indexed to avoid slip

    MSD's precise housing, new pickup assembly and distributor cap, and trick timing adjustment mechanism all add up to this reliable Pro-Billet Distributor. Different from OEM, MSD's pickup is an advanced optical encoder, which is stable during extreme RPM. The rotor is bolted to a drive assembly that is indexed to the shaft and steadied by a large ball bearing assembly. Once installed, you can adjust the ignition timing +/-5 with just the turn of a screw--an industry first! The distributor is also equipped with a fresh-air vent and extra thick mounting surface to eliminate leaks. This MSD LT1 distributor includes a heavy-duty cap, rotor, and other required components for installation.
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