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MSD Blaster HVC Coils

Price: $149.99
Item Number: 8252
Manufacturer: MSD
Manufacturer Part No: 8252
Blaster HVC Coils Deliver Powerful Sparks to the Plugs for Complete Combustion in the Cylinders

Shared Coil Specs
  • Designed for high RPM, long duration applications
  • Brass primary terminals
  • Epoxy-encased windings
  • Rubber shock mounts included
  • 100:1 turns ratio + low primary resistance = high voltage output

    Blaster HVC Coil Specs
  • 42,000 volts
  • Works with electronic ignitions and MSD Ignition 6-Series Controls
  • Heavy-duty aluminum housing
  • Tall secondary tower accepts HEI-style plug terminal & boot
  • CARB-approved

    Blaster HVC-II Coil Specs
  • 44,000 volts
  • Works with MSD 6 and SCI Series Ignition Controls
  • DuPont Rynite housing with isolated tower
  • Iron U-core with segmented bobbin for improved voltage distribution
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