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MSD 8.5mm Red Super Conductor Spark Plug Wires - 1985-95 Chevy truck 305 & 350 HEI

Price: $113.99
Item Number: 31419
Manufacturer: MSD
Manufacturer Part No: 31419
  • Only 40-50 ohms resistance per foot of wire (lowest of any helically-wound wire)
  • MSD Ignition Copper alloy conductors result in less spark energy loss so more reaches spark plugs
  • Over 40 feet of conductor per foot of wire
  • Conductors are wrapped around ferro-magnetic center cores, which effectively suppresses electro magnetic interference
  • Outer sleeves consist of silicone and synthetic material for a strong resistance to heat, abrasion, and tearing

    Universal Wire Sets
    For those who want to design & route their spark plug wires, Red Super Conductor Universal 8.5mm Wire Sets have spark plug terminals and boots installed with the opposite ends open. Distributor cap terminals and boots are included so you can cut wires to desired lengths; use the included mini-stripper crimper to install terminals. 2-in-1 Wire Sets include terminals and boots for both socket and HEI-style distributor caps.BOOT KEY
  • Multi-Angle Straight but can be bent 90+
  • Socket For old socket or points style cap
  • HEI 90 for spark plug type terminals
    (nipple on boot top for special retainers)
  • 90 For spark plug type terminals.
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