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MSD 6-Series Ignition Box - Ford TFI

Price: $35.99
Item Number: 8874
Manufacturer: MSD
Manufacturer Part No: 8874
  • Deliver full-power multiple sparks
  • Use capacitive discharge circuitry
  • Work with 4, 6 (some even-fire only), and 8-cylinder engines
  • Trigger from breaker points, amplifiers, or magnetic pickups
  • Work on almost any vehicle with a 12 to 18 volt electrical system
  • Accept an MSD timing accessory

    6-Series Ignition Controls share similar output specs to ensure complete combustion of the air/fuel mixture yet, to compare ignition variations, click More Info below in the part number descriptions. Whether daily driver, weekend warrior, or marine maverick, after you know your vehicle's purpose, MSD has the ignition box to improve its performance.
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