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Holley Marine 4-bbl Carburetors Universal Calibration/Manual Choke

Price: $758.95
Item Number: 0-9022
Manufacturer: Holley
Manufacturer Part No: 0-9022
  • Universal calibration
  • Manual choke
  • Mechanical secondary
  • Dual fuel inlets
  • 30cc primary/50cc second pump

    Waves Will Wonder What Hit 'Em
    The high-performance carburetors you trust from Holley make their way to the water with the power and options a boat needs. Holley marine carbs are designed to meet US Coast Guard specifications. Their fuel metering system is calibrated to compensate for a boat's unique engine load. J-style vent tubes spilt fuel/fumes back into the carb for safe operation on rough waters. 5" airhorn except on 1050 cfm Dominator.
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