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Holley Aluminum Avenger 4-bbl Carburetor 670 cfm

Price: $495.99
Item Number: 0-83670
Manufacturer: Holley
Manufacturer Part No: 0-83670
  • 670 cfm
  • Electric Choke

    Holley's Avenger series carburetors have just been taken to the next level! Street Avenger and Truck Avenger carburetors are known to bolt-on and perform great right out of the box. What could be better than a Holley Street Avenger or Truck Avenger carburetor? How about one in aluminum? They save weight and look great! Aluminum Street Avengers only weigh 7.85lbs, while Aluminum Truck Avengers only weigh 7.25lbs. Not only do they save weight under the hood, but they also save weight in shipping! The tumble polished aluminum finish on the Street Avenger will keep its shines for a long time to come or it can be hand polished to a show quality shine. The Aluminum Truck Avenger features a chromate finish to protect against the grueling environments encountered by off-road vehicles.
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