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Easy Street EFI – 600 HP Fuel injection System

Easy Street EFI – 600 HP Fuel injection System
Easy Street EFI – 600 HP Fuel injection SystemEasy Street EFI – 600 HP Fuel injection SystemEasy Street EFI – 600 HP Fuel injection System
Price: $795.00
Item Number: 30005
Manufacturer: FiTech
Manufacturer Part No: 30005

FiTech Fuel Injection is rounding out the street line with the all new Easy Street 600HP system. The street series includes the 150-400HP Go Street and the 800HP Meanstreet and now we are adding the 250-600HP Easy Street. The FiTech wideband 02 and Annular Swirl Wet Flow technology to get the most complete atomization available, bringing the user more power than ever. Using FiTech’s proprietary self-tuning techology, you can get your car on the road or track faster than ever, using just your gas pedal and the included handheld controller to make it all happen. Easy Street EFI fits any 4 barrel intake manifold, and is the most self contained, cost effective unit on the market.

Note that this EFI system can also be used with an engine compartment mounted Fuel Command Center, which provides a returnless system.

This kit contains:

  • Classic Gold Die Cast Throttle body
  • Windshield Mount
  • (4) FiTech 80-LB flow matched injectors
  • Wide band O2 Sensor
  • -06AN Fuel Inlet Fittings
  • 1 fan control adjustable from controller


  • Classic Carburetor Gold Finish.
  • Annular discharge.
  • Windshield Mount for control.
  • 4 80lb flow matched injectors.
  • Extreme self learning for wide range of super-fast dial in connection.
  • Suitable for crate engines and performance engines.
  • Pre-programmed with bolt-n-go technology for out of the box performance with minimal input required.
  • Easy tach input, reads tach signal from COIL, HEI, CDI, and many other ignition brands (NO TIMING CONTROL).
  • For non boosted engines-natural aspirated applications ONLY.
  • Wide band O2 sensor with mounting kit.
  • On board fuel pump diver with PWM.
  • Hand-held tunning module for performance tunning.
  • Compatible with E-85 gasoline.
  • All Go-EFI’s feature Voltage Control fuel pump control. This feature reduces the voltage to the pump under low load conditions such as idle and cruise thus educing noise and heat. This will extend the life of your pump and keep the fuel in the tank cooler and your ears from ringing! Go-EFI Systems feature Wet flow technology and have a unique Swirl Spray Annular discharge design that assures COMPLETE ATOMIZATION!!
  • Air Fuel ratios can be optimized on the fly as you drive! Try that with your Carb.

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