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Edelbrock RPM Air-Gap Manifold - Ford 351C 2V Head (EDE-7564)

Price: $424.99
Item Number: EDE-7564
Manufacturer: Edelbrock
Manufacturer Part No: EDE-7564
The first dual-plane intake manifold with the powerful Air-Gap design.

Edelbrock has brought race inspired technology to the street, again! The RPM Air Gap is a dual-plane manifold with a dropped plenum divider that separates the intake runners from hot engine oil in the lifter valley, giving you a cooler, denser air/fuel charge for more power.

  • Maximum power from 1500-6500+ rpm.
  • Accepts most accessory brackets including air conditioning, alternator and coil mount.
  • Most manifolds include rear water coolant outlets, dual distributor clamp locations and all manifolds include nitrous bosses.
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