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Edelbrock Performer Carburetor - E/M Choke (500, 600, 750, or 800 cfm) (EDE-14054)

Price: $470.95
Item Number: EDE-14054
Manufacturer: Edelbrock
Manufacturer Part No: EDE-14054
  • Electric or manual choke
  • 500, 600, 750, or 800 cfm (Marine 600 or 750 cfm also availabe)
  • Compatible with gasohol and blended fuels
  • All-aluminum 2-piece body with gasket above fuel level so no leaking
  • Simple tub-type bowls and rear-pivot floats for reliable user-friendly operation
  • Metering rods are used to transition between circuits so no power valve blowouts
  • Uniquely "holds a tune" so, once tuned, carb stays tuned for consistent performance and calibration
  • Endurashine finish

    Engines depend on carburetors to perform well under all conditions. An adjustment error can affect the entire engine. An Edelbrock Performer Carb handle daily driving while providing the widest torque range. For unmatched street performance, add an Edelbrock Performer, Performer Air-Gap, Performer EPS, Performer RPM, RPM Air-Gap, or Torker II intake & cam.
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